What is FORJ NNHS?

Families Organizing for Racial Justice at Newton North High School (FORJ NNHS) works to create a stronger network of support for diversity, equity and inclusion across the Newton North High School community through greater awareness, education, and engagement

Logo designed by Esther Zhang, NNHS Class of 2022

Focus areas

  • We support students' efforts to create an inclusive and equitable community at NNHS, with a particular focus on supporting students of color

  • We learn from NNHS administration and staff about their efforts to promote racial equity and culturally responsive teaching, with the goal of reinforcing those efforts in our own families

  • We educate ourselves and the larger NNHS community about issues of racism and racial justice, with the goal of taking action to strengthen our school and community

To learn about the history, mission and goals of our organization, please visit:

our parent organization, forj newton

Banner photo credit: Ian Dickerman (Ian Dickerman Photography)